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My painting is an offering of appreciation for the precious opportunity to be present in a human body on this wonderful life-sustaining planet.  The natural world is an immeasurable resource and a healing sanctuary. 

For me, it conveys immensity, power, impermanence, and re-connection with our true spiritual nature of primordial wakefulness, clarity, and spaciousness. 

The fine art of being present to this nature is the guiding principle in my art.  I hope these paintings invoke a sense of peace, stillness, and equanimity.

I paint on location and in the studio. Composition provides structure for the image. Value, temperature, edges, and color are important elements, but it is the quality of light, which conveys the mood, tone, or “essence” of a scene. I hold this “essence” in my minds eye, allowing flexibility for the painting to take on a life of its own. Each work is a leap into the unknown, a fresh start. The process unfolds organically like a dance: leading, following, listening for what is needed, and getting out of the way.

Pastel, my primary medium, is pure dry pigment with enough binder to hold into sticks that range from hard to very soft.  It is the same pigment used to make fine art paints (oil and watercolor), and is the most permanent of all medial.  iimage

I love pastel for the amazing and unique qualities of luminosity that can be achieved by applying multiple layers of pigment (consisting of very fine crystals) onto lightly sanded paper, which gives it the ability to blend optically in the viewers eye in beautiful and surprising ways.  It allows me to express my vision in a primal and direct manner like the ancient cave painters of Lascaux, transmitting the human spirit through touch using charcoal and pure pigments from the earth in an unbroken lineage from their time to ours.

Each painting is a leap into the unknown, a fresh start.  There is no road map or set formula.  It presents its own demands, challenges, conditions, and calls for unique responses.  Leading, listening, following, the process unfolds organically like a dance.


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