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Now it has expanded its support by unveiling a new Internet Website dedicated to those  artists who are in recovery from various addictions.

Addiction is one of the major public health issues of our time. It accounts for one of every five deaths in the United States and costs approximately one-half trillion dollars per year in health care expenditures and lost productivity.

Its human costs are untold and perhaps uncountable. Addiction and Art puts a human face on addiction through the creative work of individuals who have been touched by it.

We are proud to announce our creation and support of the website "The-Art-Of-Recovery.Info" which is dedicated to the Internet Marketing and Promotion of the visual art creations of these talented artists.

Many of the participating artists are beginning a new chapter in their life, and this is our way of being a part of their support system, as they journey into this path of recovery.

We invite you to visit this new website and follow its exhibition of art works and return frequently to see the addition of new artists..

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