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SAG is a No Commission Internet Galleria where an entire “community” of member artists, galleries, and affiliates are registered as both a community and individual artists or a business entity, on the Internet. Collectors, gallery owners, agents, and potential visitors, as well as those with other interests in the arts, can enjoy "One stop viewing" versus spending hours reviewing the many listings resulting from a search engine query.

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   Why should I have A Web Page, and what can the Internet provide me in additional marketing resources ?  Take a few moments to review this editorial to help you better understand what and how a web site and its web pages can be your 24/7/12 on line salesperson

  Okay, I have a web site, and don't understand how the search engine works and how it can affect my visibility when someone uses keywords to search for me or my art category. This is a sample of the technical support you will get when becoming a member.

 Is there anything else I need to know about how search engines can afford me more visibility.?

How will being a member of your Virtual Art Community improve my page ranking within the "Major Search Engines ?"

Outside of Google, what other major search engines are currently listing Sausalito Art Galleries.? And what are your page rankings within these other search engines.?  

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