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Membership Questions most commonly asked

Question: How will your online Galleria and services improve my ranking or visibility on the web as an art professional and subscribing member?

Answer: As a member of our on line galleria, you will benefit from our advantageous placement of the Galleria with its member artists and galleries, within the major search engines of the web. You will be referenced, when a search is made for Art Galleries, Online Art Galleries, Online Art Galleria, Art, Artist, and by your name and Art Category. 

We apply and use Search Engine Optimization methodology, constantly updating and upgrading our website, to assure our members of best placement and listing within the major search engines. Therefore, you can have greater Internet visibility to attract, retain, and interact with potential clients and galleries vs. lone presence as a single web page, lost amongst the 400 million web pages currently on the Internet. One of the "Keys" to improved page ranking within the major search engines, is to increase the "Number of Links one has to and from their web page."

Hundreds of thousands of global visitors, searching the web for Sausalito, and its art related attractions, would be drawn, by optimal placement of our Galleria in search engines, to discover you, through this site. Global web visitors will have a direct path to your door, because of the Galleria name, and Sausalito’s recognition, as an art oriented community, being the site of the #1 largest art festival in the nation, Sausalito Art Festival, as well as a tourist and art Mecca.

Question: How can SAG provide my current gallery website with more visibility on the web, to increase visitor activity and count?

Answer: Is an art collector or visitor more likely to be attracted to visit the site of many galleries and artists of one community, than if there were only one gallery or artist to visit? If the path to the network community of galleries and artists is easily found, and convenient to travel to, for a pre-visit, without leaving home, would that make a real visit to explore, or a communication to develop future relationship more likely, by someone from another country and/or city?

Our On Line Galleria expands your visibility and web presence with the power of numbers, in networking/grouping advantages as a member of a professional arts community of galleries and artists. What your lone web page or website may lack, in establishing optimal positioning and presence on the web, it may gain through joining with other member art professionals, galleries, and related affiliates of our galleria.

With the exchanged placement advantages of many sites included in your internet art community and our Galleria, your gallery may multiply the pathways for potential art collectors to your door! Your sales representatives and agents can develop communication with potential visitors and collectors from all over the world, who visit our site.

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