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Question: What are my other advantages and benefits as a subscribing member of your services? 

Answer: Enjoy the advantages of these valuable FREE services and benefits, with your membership:

1) FREE! If you currently have a web page, we will audit the web page content and programming (HTML) to assure you that all key components are housed within its structure. This will assure recognition when reviewed by major search engines, associated WebCrawler's, and to assure sound Web Page Optimization. $150 value!

2) FREE! If you currently don't have a web page, we will create your basic web page (2 pages) and host it on our web hosting service. You can also chose to place the page on your current Internet Service Provider. Additional creative web page services are available for a fee, based on your requirements.

3) FREE! Online Chat, is available to all members, meaning you can use this function to chat with current and potential clients, vendors, other artists, sales representatives or directors of art galleries, and of course "Us" to help answer your questions.

4) FREE! Access to our members only Board which contains, Tutorial Notes, Educational tips, Trend reports, as well as access to resources for your professional development, to maximize your success in the world of art and related marketing advantages and tools of the internet.

5) FREE! You will receive through your subscriber membership in the Galleria and services convenient access to affiliate resources, including brick and mortar Galleries, other Online Gallerias, Art Festivals, Art Commissions and Associations, Trade Publications, Newsletters, and Art Suppliers.

6)  Follow, the Membership Fee link below, to learn of the three levels that we offer.



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