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Google search Options - General vs. Directory

Many visitors and web site owners don't realize that there are two levels of "Search." The Google General Search example is the most commonly used. The first screen shot is the normal search input screen that is presented when accessing The second screen is a "Special Add On Tool" that is provided by Google, which affords the user more details and functions. We educate our members into how to use these special features.

The Third screen is an additional search function provided by Google by clicking on the Directory tab from the Google General Search page.  One of the  most over looked aspect when placing ones web site during search engine submission, is knowing how and where to submit your web site, so it's included within Google Directories.  If you are not located within this Google structure you are penalizing your Internet presence and visibility by 50 %, and as a member we will submit your site so that you will appear in both a "General" and "Directory Search."

Google General Search

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Sausalito Art Galleries Google General Search

Sausalito Art Galleries Google Directory Search


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