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"Why should I have A Web Page, & what opportunity should it provide ?"

The Internet is a phenomenon that is changing the way people communicate. 
Thousands of people each day are looking for your specific tangible product or services. One of the first places they will look will be on the Internet. It is a great entree for you to present yourself to them. An added perk with internet presence is a higher educated patronage. This results in well-versed customers already searching for a specific product. Most clients and potential clients regard businesses with a presence on the Internet as sophisticated, modern and advanced.

    People are foregoing the old standby, the yellow pages, in favor of going directly to the World Wide Web to find the information they need. If you are not there, they canít find you. Hundreds of thousands of  new Internet users come on line each day to access these constant increasing resources.

    A web site is a great communication vehicle for you. If you advertise, you know how expensive it is, and how little space you have to get your point across. With a web page, you will have a dynamic full color brochure, available to the world, that is an extensive information index or your prior and current art works.

    Your Internet presence demonstrates your willingness to communicate with up to date information, using present technology. The future of marketing is in the internet. With an audience of Hundreds of Millions of daily users (growing by thousands per week), the per capita investment for advertising via the Internet is minimal compared to the cost of advertising in other media.

    Compare the cost of advertising with, magazine and newspaper ads, brochures and fliers, to the cost of an Web Site.  Because of this constant audience, individuals and private business owners, along with fortune 500 companies are concluding a Web Site compliments their current method of advertising.

    Your Web Site can surpass typical static media presentation format, by offering animation, video, sound, interactive shopping, unique information or whatever else the imagination and computer technology can conceive.

   With your own site you gain and provide the following.

1) Your products and services will be seen by people you were not able to reach by conventional costly methods. Some people may email you to express an interest in purchasing, or inviting you to exhibit in their gallery, or commission you in another geographic area.

2) Twenty-four hour a day salesperson

3) Generate referrals and leads

4) E-commerce - set-up your own storefront online

5) Easily update your current information and content

6) Provide insight into yourself and your chosen art specialty

7) Add your web address (URL) to all promotional and printed material

8) Use an e-mail signature with URL and promo line

9) Avoid long-distance phone calls and faxes by using e-mail to keep in contact with clients, and business partners. Exhibit your current art works via video conferencing, using the latest state of the art web cams, which are inexpensive and easy to install.

10) Improved networking with other artists, art organizations, virtual and visual art galleries, throughout the world.

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