Sausalito - Poetry Cafe

Bonni Schoenbach - East Coast Poet


Sunrise of the Soul

Black night recedes calling forth its family of shadows

Beckoning warmth clarity, hope and light

As if to gather all its wayward offspring

Now ready to bestow the gift of sights.

So long to live in dim and darkness

To think I saw when I was blind

Myths and unicorns existed

Dancing freely in my mind.

The warmth a precious gift of others

Now welcomed openly in this life

The joy so quickly multiplies

As I bask there reducing strife.

The clarity, oh the clarity

Is what I see now real

Or yet another illusion

When there can truly be no seal.

With glee I wave goodbye to dark

Dancing with all my body and heart

Yet trepidation shakes my soul

For with one the other is part.

Hope, the lifeblood of us all

Coursing and pulsing in my veins

Without you life is nothing

Not an infinitesimal speck or grain.

Knowledge, vision, life

Light you come and then you go

Always changing, traveling, flirting

In minute moments to let us know.

And so I know but nothing

It may appear there is no change

Yet still the sun now shines within

When but once was out of range.





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