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With widest eyes you gaze at me

And read the current melody

And in our quests, there seems to be

A blending in our harmony

With lightest thought, a lilting song

Drawn out of thought of kisses long

The threads of dreams entwined so strong

Will weave our spirits to belong

In friendship like . . . love's dance is free

And more unwinds its mystery

The magic is we two find glee

For interest of discovery

A longing met with simple rhyming

In moments found our heartbeats' timing

Spring forth in song . . . the bell is chiming

An artist's canvas stretched and priming

Inspirations for this bliss

Are moments shared . . . to start a kiss

A hungry hold we do not miss

So blessed is loving . . . free as this

Georgianna Stout

Copyright ©2002 Georgianna Stout

Giving Day

With many thoughts of blessings which

Are making people get the itch

To give a gesture of their hearts

To take the sharing and make starts

To make a day for always giving

And make for others better living

So on this great Thanksgiving Day

It is a special gift to pray

To follow on Friday with a gift

To help some others, and to sift

Through all your opportunities

To help some others, and to please

Our world can be a better place

When each commits an act of grace.

An original poem to inspire you on

National Giving Day, Friday Nov. 23, 2001

By Georgianna Stout


Tis a warm and steady rain

Glistening on my window’s pane

In the quiet autumn’s start

My inspired smiles, an evening’s art

And with this morning’s first light shined

My thoughts are filled with golden find

As years the memories build and grow

I celebrate your birth, and know

That without matter is the storm

For love, my friend, no age is worn

A fire is built from embers stirred

Within the sight of eyes and heard

Your voice and smile, with caress favored

Our life’s a journey of pleasures, savored.


An original poem Just for You…

by Georgianna Stout


Light rays touched the morning mists

Lips still warmed from last they kissed

In the quiet morning’s start

Memory smiles, from evening’s art

With this morning’s first light shined

Thoughts are filled with golden find

As the memories build and grow

Celebrate such thoughts, and know

That without matter pending storm

With love of friends, no fear is born

A fire is built from embers stirred

With warm embrace, the heart is heard

A voice and smile, a caress favored

Life’s sweet mists, its pleasures, savored.

An original poem

by Georgianna Stout

Copyright 2004




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