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Nik Catalina Artist Photographer


Nik Catalina is an emerging Northern California artist focused primarily on Fine Art Photography. Born and raised in the North Eastern US, Nik has limited formal education in the field of Photography and is mostly a self-taught independent. Nik has exhibited his work locally in both juried and non-juried shows.

Most recent exhibits include:

A juried show titled: "Water" at the Sebastopol Center For The Arts 2010

A a non juried show titled: "Mixed Media" at Sebastopol Center For The Arts 2010

A non-juried exhibit at The Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa won 3rd place honorable mention in the show titled: "Cemeteries" 2009

Nik remains actively involved with on-going education and studies of the Digital Arts in continuing efforts to improve and perfect his craft.

Rather than influencing his viewers with a list of impressive credentials ... Nik hopes to attract followers and win appreciation of his imagery by virtue of the quality and content of his photographic expressions ... which he hopes will speak directly to the heart.



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