Sausalito Art Galleries

Sausalito Art Galleries - Monthly Featured Landscape Artists


Christin Coy

Richard Lindenberg

Kathleen Lipinski

  Christin Coy'ís paintings of the Marin County hills, coastal regions, and Sonoma County vineyards, reflect her strong connection with the land, and bring to life the unique mood and beauty of each setting.

Lindenberg, Richard - Painting is a friend that always brings me great joy and peace.  I paint primarily because it constantly allows me to open my heart.

Kathleen Lipinski - California landscape paintings and limited edition prints



Terry Sauve

Steve Emery

June Yokell

Terry Sauve - In a world in transition, Terry's luminous landscapes connect the viewer with something both ephemeral as well as transcendent.  Her images are archetypal--hitting with a deep emotional impact, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

Steve Emery - Acrylic paintings which are intimate portraits of local landscape.

June Yokell - I continue to use Nature, and Landscape as inspiration for my fine art contemporary oil painting


Sherrill Miller

Wendy Goldberg

Lissa Nicolaus

Sherrill Miller - The scenes she enjoys painting are the ones she is most familiar with: the hills, oaks and eucalyptus of the North Bay; and the beaches of Laguna where she spends her summers.

Wendy Goldberg - The landscape provides a springboard from which I hope to capture the fleeting sense of place. I find the drawing medium, in its' immediacy, the most helpful in this endeavor. Wendy Goldberg's award-winning art has been exhibited nationally.

Lissa Nicolaus - A plein air landscape artist concentrates on the dramatic West Coast beaches, soft rolling hills, picturesque waterfront vistas and scenic small villages of Northern California as the subject matter for her colorful impressionistic paintings


Deborah Martin

Arlene Whiting

Mary Lou Correia

DeMaLu (Deborah Martin-Lueder) is a fine art and contemporary portraiture photographer. Beauty is all around us everyday if we look hard enough and break the norms of what we are used to seeing in our own environments.

Arlene Whiting - As a abstract artist I am interested in things that move; dancers, animals, athletes, people in natural settings. The challenge is to suggest movement.

 Mary Lou Correia - My interest has always been to preserve the landscape and particularly the mountain that looms majestically over all of Contra Costa. It is challenging to find a view of the mountain with an inviting, uncluttered foreground.

Olga Kuczer Artist Realism Impressionism Artist

Kuczer, Olga

Krista Sheldon

Marcus Uzilevsky

Kuczer, Olga - Olga Kuczer has come a long way from her hometown of  Orenberg , Russia to live her life with her love and love for art in California.  Olgaís natural artistic talents are inspired by Monet, and now by the beauty of California

Krista Sheldon - Acrylic Mixed Media - Mediterranean Village Landscapes & Still Life

Marcus Uzilevsky - Linear Landscapes - Abstracts Southwestern Art

kay carlson colorist plein air landscapes

Kay Carlson

Gene Wesley


Carlson, Kay - Plein Air Landscape Colorist - A California Artist, who finds her inspiration for brilliant landscape oil paintings on locations in Marin, wine country, the Southwest and Tuscany. Educated at the San Francisco Art Institute, she has been exhibiting and teaching for 15 years. Her work is in many private, corporate, and university collections.

Gene Wesley - I have always enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of the rural landscape and farmland.

Karen-McLean-McGaw - Watercolor Landscapes


Natasha Marquardt

Linda Larsen

Kim Ford Kitz

Natasha Marquardt - Northern California Landscape & Portrait artist

Linda Larsen -  Landscape painting gives me the opportunity to indulge my love of the outdoors and my need to respond, with paint or pencil, to the beauty and mystery of life.

Kim Ford Kitz - Landscapes - Seascapes - Figure Figurative Art

rodney lough jr photographic landscapes artist

Rodney Lough Jr.

Cheryl Thompson

Nik Catalina

Rodney Lough Jr.- The Lough Road - Nature and wilderness Photography collection.

Cheryl Thompson - Napa Sonoma Vineyards, Abstracts, Seascape Oceanscape, Figure Figurative

Nik Catalina - Photographic Art

elaine leedy pastel landscapes glen schofield acrylic landscapes larry bryson landscapes artist

Elaine Leedy

Glen Schofield

Larry Bryson

Elaine Leedy - Pastel Landscapes - My work reflects my peaceful state of mind while living on Northern Californiaís quiet Mendocino Coast.  Closeness to nature affords a wealth of subject matter which speaks to the infinite creations of God and the Earthís changing moods

Glen Schofield - Acrylic Landscapes My work can be defined by the following key words-- Realistic landscape and seascape images from nature, produced with bold and vibrant colors in a contemporary style. The art is created in acrylics on canvas with traditional as well as experimental techniques including glazing and thickening compounds. 

Bryson, Larry - Contemporary impressionist  painter of landscapes and native plants in the San Francisco Bay area, Larry is known for presenting modern aspects in composition, paint use, color, and in his personal expression of a carefully selected scene.




John Wilmer

Margaret Fago

Tim Brody

John Wilmer - Computer Digital Photographic Landscapes Portraits - Antiques - Restorations

Margaret Fago - Landscapes, Marine/Sailing, Wildlife/Birds, Animals/Cats & Dogs, Flowers

Tim Brody - en Plein Air Landscapes


Marie Gabrielle

Michael Mote

Karen Fleschler

Marie Gabrielle - Watercolor Landscapes

Michael Mote - Oceanscapes Seascapes ocean art oils and pastels

Karen Fleschler - A watercolor artist who is fascinated with color, composition and the play of light and dark. In my process, I build up many layers of paint to achieve an effect that glows.

PaulaClaudine A. Hobson-Coard

Barbara Lawrence

Joseph Fuchs

PaulaClaudine A. Hobson-Coard is a global artist, musician, event producer, photographer, and an avid world traveler.

Barbara Lawrence - My artist's filter is doing its own rearranging. More and more, as I advance in my career, the colors deepen and the shapes simplify. Mystery overshadows sweetness; suggestion replaces precision.

Joseph Fuchs - Venetian Cityscapes Venice

Salvatore Giacona Pointillism Still Life Landscapes

Michael Stanford

Hank Miller

Salvatore Giacona

Michael Stanford - Pointillism Artist  Figure Figurative Surreal Landscapes

Hank Miller - A photographic artist never without his camera and imagination.

Giacona, Salvatore - Romantic realism - Neo Impressionism Pointillism - Inspired by the visual beauty of nature, flowers, and especially Italy and her most picturesque city in the world: VENICE and her carnival, Salvatore heightens each scene with passion, creativity and elegance Salvatore paints in a unique combination of styles

carolyn zaroff landscapes

Carolyn Zaroff

Ron DuHamel

Cathy Carey

Zaroff, Carolyn - Landscape and Still Life -I am inspired almost always by nature.  I enjoy finding the unexpected and I am drawn to contrast, especially the juxtaposition between simple forms and complex layers in my art works.

Ron DuHamel - Landscapes - Palette knife applications acrylic on canvas

Cathy Carey Contemporary Fauve Expressionism

lana cickovic landscapes Deborah Bertola Northern California Landscape Artist susan sternau landscapes

Lana Cickovic

Deborah Bertola

Susan Sternau

Lana Cickovic - Emerging Artist - Landscapes Still Life Figure Figurative - My ambition is Art which shows creativity in the best direction of my effort and my work which is explored in the world of Realism, Expressionism and my own imagination which is immortal.

Bertola, Deborah - Sausalito Artist - ICB Building Open Studio. Oil paintings, plein air and studio work, landscapes, farm animals and some still life.

Sternau, Susan - Landscape - Humorous Art - Susanís mission as an artist is to bring joy to others through the color and emotional connection of her images. She believes the human spirit requires care and feeding, and that art provides an essential part of that nourishment


Art On The Farm

Baywood Artists

Karen LeGault

Art On The Farm - Plein Air Landscape Artists Community in  association with the organic producers in Marin County whose livelihood is based on a respect for nature and a sense of place.

Baywood Artists - Bay Area Plein Air Group

 Karen LeGault - fine art painter since 1967, is joyfully committed to visual poetry, light, transformation and healing, through her paintings that bring energy and serenity into the world.