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I feel that to be an artist you have to be like a child at heart. I don't think art can exist without it.

My name is Michael Stanford.  I never studied drawing, nor do I have any credentials or degrees to speak of.  I simply love to draw and I've been doing this periodically since early childhood.

Primarily, I only draw what comes to mind, and of course everything we think and feel etc., is flavored by our culture and environment, and sometimes with a sense of humor.

With each piece that I create, I insist on the best paper I can find. I am currently using an acid free, heavy weight two-ply bristle 400 mill vellum surface and the inks that I use are from Micron 005 acid free, waterproof and fade proof inks and at 0.20mm width certified by the A.C.M.I. or Art and Creative Materials Institute, (apparently there really is such an organization, who knew?) and with all that each piece can be ruined with a single sneeze or raindrop, etc. So naturally, I have to painstakingly work over two months constantly aware that I must shield my art from myself and every potential disaster and store and transport in the most pristine condition possible and so they will stay until mounted properly.

I really have to like what I am putting out, or it just does not seem to work. So I truly hope that you will enjoy this peek into the inner workings of my mind.

Pointillism is a style of painting in which small distinct dots of color create the impression of a wide selection of other colors and blending. Aside from color "mixing" phenomena, there is the simpler graphic phenomenon of depicted imagery emerging from disparate points.   

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