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 Michael Mote - Seascape Oceanscape Artist


Each of my paintings represents a deep and spiritual connection with the ocean.  In fact, other artist's have described my art as spiritual minimalism.  

These paintings reflect a feeling of space and mood instead of depicting specific places or things; the subject is the mystery of the ocean, and the timeless feeling of beauty that is above daily experience. 

My desire is to use color and abstracted shapes to create something beyond imitation or illustration, to awaken the viewer's imagination and allow him or her to connect to a quiet, meditative place.

Painting for me is like a meditation in which time and the world around me disappears and I move into the world of the painting.  Lately, my working process has become increasingly less analytical and more responsive to an intuitive process.  I abstract reality, and reveal the power of light, color and atmosphere to create an emotional mood.  Instead of beginning a painting with a specific image, I start with a key, central emotion and mood, and memories that align with these.  The concept is often vague at first, but clarifies as the painting develops, and I focus on the mood and react to what is on the canvas. 

I balance lush brushwork with ethereal fields of color, keep some areas relatively detailed while others are more mysterious and primarily atmospheric.  This intuitive process allows a more spiritual element to fuse with the painting.  I stop before I render the painting too clearly, always remembering to keep the subject loose and open to allow people to bring their own ideas and interpretations to the finished piece.  I want the viewers to feel like they're standing and watching something wonderful, to experience a truth that rises above everyday experience.

Michael's art works are exhibited at
Pearl Canyon Art Gallery Carmel California.



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