Sausalito - Artist linda Marie Figure Figurative

San Francisco Bay Area Linda Marie Figurative Artist

Style: Modern Love & Retro Romance

About the Artist...

Like Frida and DeLempicka who came before her, Linda Marie is adding a hint of glamour and femininity to an historically male dominated profession. When asked how she classifies her work, she says, "I call it art for the romantic heart. My desire is that you will see both passion and paint". Her drawings and oil work reflect love, romance, adventure and intrigue. They invite the viewer to step into her lexicon of a life lived passionately.

Linda Marie is a self taught artist/oil painter. She has a love for fine arts and martial arts so she practices both for peace and discipline. Her first exhibition took place in 1999 atop the B of A building. "It's been long journey of living, laughing and learning. Growing up in the bay area and witnessing the rise of high tech inventions, I've come to see it's been a blessing to us all, especially artists. However, while traveling down the "information super highway", I'll be the first to exit if I see a sign that reads, "Romanticism Rd". Good food, art, travels, family, friends, spirituality...we all need these things to nourish our souls."

She feels people are at their best when allowing themselves to walk hand in hand with God and nature and gracefully weather the inevitable storms.

We invite you to see her art collection and learn more by clicking on the link to her website below.

May your life be filled with real passion, color and focus,

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