Sausalito - Artist Larry Bryson

Larry Bryson - Impressionist Artist San Francisco Bay Area Northern California


A highly successful contemporary impressionist  painter of landscapes and native plants in the San Francisco Bay area, Larry is known for presenting modern aspects in composition, paint use, color, and in his personal expression of a carefully selected scene.

Larry's rich and colorful paintings prompt the viewer to sense the artist's emotional response to specific images in nature, and to also experience the uplifting, positive feelings associated with fresh air and sunlight.


    "My goal is as a colorist, is to paint brightly enough and intensely enough to carry the outside sense of color inside. To help capture that outside feeling as I paint, I often walk back one or two hundred feet and check the painting against the real scene. If I have selected the right hues and color relationships, the painting will look like part of the landscape, with very little change in brightness, color or shape." 

I invite you to see slide show sampling of my art works by clicking on the following access point titled " Larry's Art Gallery Preview "


Larry's Art Gallery - Preview


Larry's Web Site




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