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 Krista Sheldon San Francisco Artist - Mixed Media


The paintings I create reflect the art that was once created by ancient Mediterranean cultures.  In my work I strive to convey the tranquil beauty and timeless appeal of these past creations. 
My inspiration to paint in this style evolved from extensive travel throughout the Mediterranean as well as through comprehensive studies of art history.  Numerous painting workshops throughout the Tuscan region and travels to the ruins of Pompeii helpet me to develop my style and color palette which is representative of a Renaissance style of art.

My paintings are infused with colors found in architecture and scenery in the enchanting village towns of Tuscany, to the softly faded garden scenes
found in the frescoes of Pompeii.

I create my paintings using a mixed media on canvas which includes acrylics, pastels, watercolors and gold leaf as well as hand-carved wood block images. 

I finish each piece with a collage around the painting to create a window-like affect [see sample] .  I  often use imagery found in Renaissance art  or from the intricate patterns carved into
ancient pottery vessels of the Etruscans. Some of my paintings  have cracks appearing in them, [
see sample] creating an aged-by time effect that is also representative of the frescoes of Pompeii.

My objective with each piece is to revive the elegance reminiscent of the murals found in Pompeii and Crete, to capturing the charming colors and architecture of the hillside villages of Tuscany.  They have an ethereal quality, giving the viewer a sense of peace and well-being.




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