Sausalito - Artist Kim Ford Kitz

 Kim Ford Kitz Abstract - Figurative - Landscape - Cityscape Artist


Artist Statement

The content of my work is inspired by the desire to communicate my visual experience passionately with others. I spend time exploring dimensions of landscape and developing a love for places and things that we occasionally take for granted, such as natures small creatures, dirt, and the bark of trees. My work represents new growth, historical layers of erosion, decay and the dynamic forces of nature.

My figurative work concentrates on the abstract human form and my personal approach to relationships, such as love lost and found, strength and vulnerability. I study and dissect expressions, or the absence of them. Many figures do not have faces for this reason. I often find that most mundane subject can turn into the most successful painting.

As I slip into my studio I enter a world that becomes a "Theater of the Mind" and I begin to paint. Artists must share perceptions with growing audiences ready for anything, my job is to stimulate, not dictate. I paint in oil with an emphasis on color, texture and natural compositional rhythm. I enjoy adding small surprises, so that the viewer may find a bonus within the painting.

In my current work I am attempting to use even more challenging subjects. I am working towards positive solutions and reminders of the beauty in everyday life.


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