Sausalito - Artist Karen LeGault

Karen LeGault San Francisco Bay Area Landscape Artist


Creating beautiful and serene paintings that make your walls and heart sing and dance

Karen LeGault, fine art painter since 1967, is joyfully committed to visual poetry, light, transformation and healing, through her paintings that bring energy and serenity into the world.  Her lush, distilled compositions express beauty, fragrance, rhythm and form in a magical palette where spirit is reflected through matter.

Homeowners, art collectors, garden appreciators, nature lovers, healers, interior designers and architects who appreciate contemporary fine art with an ancient root that energizes, calms and inspires, turn to her to collect and commission original paintings that contribute to peaceful, welcoming and harmonious environments.

 She applies her extensive artistic skill, mastery and sensitivity to compose and balance color, shape, form and depth that engages all the senses, offering gorgeous paintings, commissions or prints that define the spaces you live, work and breathe in with vibrant color and life.  “Painting is a meditative dance that requires time and space to relax, to open my being to inner worlds of ether and inspiration. It comes from my physical body experience. It is a space whose outward symbols are revealed in energy, spacing, rhythm, movement, pulsation and transformation.” Ultimately Karen enjoys working with you to provide and create paintings that make your walls and heart sing and dance.


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