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 Karen Fleschler - Watercolor - Landscape & Still Life Artist

I'm a watercolor artist who is fascinated with color, composition and the play of light and dark. I take photos of the many places I have traveled to: Europe, Egypt, China, and the eastern United States. California is my home so wine is also a theme in my work.

My style is very textural. I love the challenge of painting wood, rocks and buildings. In my process, I build up many layers of paint to achieve an effect that glows.

Watercolor allows me to be creative in my process of paint application from bright, loose under painting to tight, textural brush strokes for the final layer. I paint memories of places I have seen that evoke the senses so that the viewer is also "in the moment".

Hopefully, I have been successful in capturing and conveying the essence of the various places and subjects that I have chosen to paint.

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