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Although categorizing my art work might not be easy, the processes I use to create Oil Paintings and hand painted photographs is very straightforward. 

I start with a photograph from my digital camera,  a digital scan from a 35mm slides, or an old family photograph.  I enhance and transform the image on my computer using Adobe Photoshop.

Once the photograph starts to take on the essence of a painting, I print it using a large format Epson 9800 printer. 

If I am going to make a hand colored photograph, I print on artist's watercolor or an acid free archival paper.  I paint directly on the paper and into the image using watercolors, graphite, and colored pencils.  If I  use oil paint, I seal the paper with acrylic. Sometimes I erase through the image to the raw paper using an electric eraser creating more highlights.    

When I make an oil painting I print on prepared canvas, effectively creating an under painting without drawing and tonal sketches. I stretch the canvas and seal the surface with clear acrylic.  I use the image as a starting point, oil painting as I wish, covering the printed image. 

 I have been combining my interest in painting and photography for many years.  I scan the master image and print Limited Editions using pigmented inks on archival paper.  The finished works take on luminosity invoking an eternal reality.

My paintings are inspired by a deep relationship with the landscape, particularly my love of the California country side, and its great spreading trees and coastline.  I have lived very close to nature on islands, mountain tops, and the high desert. Interiors, people, and objects from my home and studio find their way into my imagery.

John Wilmer is a long term Sausalito Artist maintaining his studio, gallery, antiques and fine art restoration business on Caledonia Street.  John is a master artist in painting, printmaking, drawing, watercolor, and photography. 

 John is a former art teacher for Skagit Valley College,  University of Utah, and Cabrillo College.  Education highlights are Art History at University of California, Riverside; School of Visual Arts in New York City;  M.F.A. in Painting and Printmaking at University of Utah.



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