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Jeff Leedy - Fine Art Book "Are You Laughing At My Art?"

Fine Art Book

     "Are You Laughing At My Art?" is the fine art of Jeff Leedy, nationally recognized humorist. This handsome coffee table book has 144 color pages with over 90 beautiful color plates by this off-center artist.  Available in both soft cover and limited-edition hard cover...


    "Are You Laughing At My Art?" takes you through his career from early days at the Art Students League of NY into the wacky and creative advertising years and into the illustration years. After that, it is all Fine Art and you will enjoy and perhaps remember these classic images.

     Maybe you may have seen Jeff Leedy's art at one of his many outdoor art shows around the USA or in his galleries in California or just in a friend's bathroom. Actually he's been trying to get out of women's bathrooms for years. Still no luck.

     "Are You Laughing At My Art?" is a beautiful fine art book and a collector's item and one that will certainly make you and your guests laugh, providing you open it.


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