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Jeff Leedy Nationally Acclaimed Humorous - Whimsical Artist

Jeff Leedy acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area Artist,  is quickly becoming recognized as one of the top humorous artists in the country. Through outdoor art shows, numerous gallery accounts and the recent licensing of his images onto products, he is building a national following and, as he paints yet another big nose into a sea of vibrant yet serene color he says, "I am the collision of the New Yorker and Impressionism."

One of Leedy's life goals has been to spread laughter in the world. Because of his fun-loving connection with people who come to enjoy and purchase his work, he and Elaine, his wife and business partner, chose self-publishing to maintain that special contact in 1988. Leedy introduced his now-famed "Demando Cat" at the premier Sausalito Arts Festival. Cat lovers four-deep, exclaimed, "I must have that print-- that's my cat."

Since then, Leedy has self-published a myriad of open and limited edition prints, including his best-selling , "Counsel Approaching the Bench," a courtroom scene which depicts two shark fins actively heading towards the judge.

In time he began to devote more of himself to his fine art -- and Leedy's humor was out of the barn. "After I have an idea that's really funny and true, I make up the scene and the characters from 'the visual library in my mind'. Then, I promised myself two things: first, that I will strive to make each piece as artistically satisfying as I can, and second, to have as much fun as I can. Then, it happens. My art is me."

Born in New York at a very early age, Leedy was enrolled by his father at age 12 in the venerable Art Student's League in New York City. After getting his BFA degree in 1962 at Syracuse University School of Fine Art, he was drawn to NYC and San Francisco where he spent 15 years with top ad agencies, such as Young & Rubicam, creating TV and print campaigns and picking up a prized Clio and other awards. In 1974 he relocated and fell in love with Sausalito waterfront charm.

In 1987, the NY Society of Illustrators (a conservative bunch) chose Leedy to receive their "Gold Funny Bone", one of three awarded out of a field of 3300 applicants. Since then, he has exhibited in international humor exhibitions in Japan, Belgium, Italy, and the country that brought us yogurt: Bulgaria.

In the future, Leedy hopes to paint murals in public spaces, any place that needs a good dose of joy. "Imagine yourself coming into a big hospital lobby, maybe a rail station or public building and there, huge on the wall is a work of art that absolutely cracks you up. How good to feel that way. Underneath the painting a tiny plaque. It reads: "Are you laughing at my art? Well good. You look like you could use a laugh."

Jeff Leedy art work can be purchased as originals, prints, and posters.


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