Sausalito Artist - Ingrid Butler


Ingrid Butler, Sausalito, California artist, creates , colorfully uplifting, playful, and expressive animals, insects, fish, and landscape paintings. .

Ingrid has torn, cut and shaped handmade papers, then drawn, painted and etched upon them to create magical worlds. The ingredients of her painted collages embrace the textures and forms of nature. Space is created by the overlapping of colorful layers of textured materials. A balance of atmosphere creates harmony and joy in Ingrid's engaging art.

Butler's hand painted collages show her strong attachment to the celebration of nature through her delightful use of color and texture. She creates balancing elephants, galloping horses, crowing roosters, desert camels, Chinese golden carp, dragon flies extending their transparent wings, and bumble bees that can do the impossible. Her aesthetic appeals to all ages.


Rhode Island School Of Design, l969 BA Graphic Design

Graphic Design Internship, Rome, Italy l969-1972

Joseph Albers Color Theory Class, RISD l968

Sy Silman Color Theory Class, RISD 1969

Harry Callahan Photography Class, RISD 1968

International Surface Design Workshop, New Mexico, 1990

Surface Design Workshop, Univ. Of Wash. l991

Decorative Surface Design Workshop, Venice ,Italy, 1999

Surface and Design Workshop, PCBA, S.F., Ca. 2002


2003 Yoga of Sausalito

1992-2002 Sausalito Art Festival, juried

1993-2002 Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, juried

1993-2000 Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca., juried

1995 & 2000 At The Top, Mill Valley, Ca.

2000 CCC Gallery, Tiburon, Ca.

2000 Bay Model Art Exhibit, Sausalito, Ca.

1996-2000 Marin Open Studios, Marin County, Ca.

1984-2000 ICB, Winter Exhibition, Sausalito, Ca.

1994,99,00 Rhode Island School of Design Alumni Exhibition

1991-1999 Palo Alto Art Festival, Palo Alto, Ca.

1999 Connexions Gallery, St. Helena, Ca.

1998 Connexions Gallery, Sausalito, Ca.

1997 & 98 Sausalito Artists Co-op

l993, 94, 96 Sonoma Salute To The Arts, Sonoma, Ca., juried

1996 Cilmi Gallery, Sausalito, Ca.



American Museum of Paper Making, Atlanta, Ga.

The Royal Hague Library, Netherlands

Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambidge, MA.

Governor's Museum, Sante Fe, New Mexico

California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, Ca.

Guggenheim Museum Shop, Venice, Italy

JFK Library Museum Shop, MA.

Catalytica Corp., Mountain View, Ca.

Malcolm Pirnie Corp., Oakland, Ca.

Sakaide, Japan, City Hall

Private collections in U.S. and Italy


Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

I invite you to visit my studio - for more information about my location click on this link: Artists Sausalito Studio

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