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Hugh O'Mara's decisive moment, when it became abundantly clear to him that he would become an artist, came while viewing a comprehensive exhibit of prints by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya at the Museum of Fine Arts on Boston. This occurred on October 31, 1974. It was a major turning point in his life. 

Hugh's first works were charcoal drawings and rather macabre in nature. He credits such artists as Hieronymous Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Henri Rousseau, Mati Klarwein, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali besides Goya for inspiration. There are many other artists who are also influential to Hugh. Hugh's style is varied. He describes this as "symbolism and surrealism meets folk art and some other things." He works in a variety of media including digital. Hugh has many projects which include historical work such as Quito 1600 and Hirado Island.

He also has a literary oriented project called The Golden Ass which concerns an ancient literary classic. Hugh has conceived a funny, folksie and mysterious town called Hughsterville. He is working on a ghost story called The Chambered Nautilus. He is also currently in the process of animating some of his paintings within his Hughsterville setting and has a channel for these on YouTube. Hugh now has a number of musical instruments to accompany these animations: an acoustic guitar, a home made double neck guitar for bass and slide and a Yamaha digital keyboard that has 482 voices including special effects. Hugh has recording capabilities. Hugh can also be frequently found taking pictures with his cameras.  

Hugh is a combination of taught and self taught. He has taken classes at Rhode Island School of Design where he studied with the renowned artist Jennie Holzer, as well as The Art Institute of Boston. He is a past member of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Boston Arts Roundtable, The Boston Visual Artists Union and the HABLA Underground artists collaborative in Los Angeles.

Hugh recently exhibited artworks on Chung King Road in Chinatown, Los Angeles in conjunction with renowned Cuban artist Lili Bernard. Please see Hugh's website at for examples of his work. There is an e-mail link for contact with Hugh:

Appointments can be made to see his work at his live/work space in the Wilshire Central area of Los Angeles in the northern part of Koreatown.



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