Santa Rosa Artist Hetty Herman-Minsk Hand Made Silver Jewelry - San Francisco Bay Area - Northern California

    As a child I was introduced by a close friend of my Mother's to clay. Since then I have been entranced with the possibilities of what the human hand can create. All the years that I was a psychotherapist and educator I was never without my art. 

Ceramics and three dimensional weavings preceded and enhanced my study of jewelry. The introduction of reconstituted silver in a form similar to porcelain clay brought my skills together and allowed me to forge new directions in jewelry making.

Now I work with silver that is environmentally friendly and has been reconstituted from computers, medical instruments and photographic supplies. Microscopic particles of silver, gold or platinum are suspended in a binder and a small amount of water. 

This material is called Precious Metal Clay (PMC).

    Precious Metal Clay is a magical material in itself. It transforms from a flexible, porous clay like substance into hard solid silver through the use of fire. I teach both groups( of no more than ten persons) and semi-privately

I use the Queen of precious metals SILVER. When you wear my distinctive pieces. Everyone will admire your excellent contemporary taste.

My jewelry is meant to compliment your natural loveliness.

Each piece is individually hand made by me from ecologically sustainable fine silver. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver, no alloys or impurities.

I use the newest metal on the market, Precious Metal Clay (reconstituted silver.) You are supporting the environment when you purchase and wear my California-made creations.

Some of my jewelry is enriched with gold, or pearls and semiprecious gems.

Years of experience as a professional potter and weaver have helped me create the unique textures and shapes of this silver jewelry especially for you.

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