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 Heather Valentin - Abstract Impressionism Artist


From early childhood I gravitated to anything that I could put in my hands that would allow me to draw what I was seeing or thinking. To put it simply I wanted to capture my vision and render my own impression. As a young child I was always fascinated with Disney characters, and the fairy tales that were associated.

I would read hours on end about these fairy tales and characters and remain them in thought of how I would draw my vision of that image.

This mindset has remained with me throughout life, and today I create some of my art works with the intent of filling the minds of those who relate with my creative means of expression. Have you ever watched a young child become excited when seeing a character that they relate and call them their friend.

I still enjoy creating these characters, but have diversified my interests in Animal Wildlife, Abstract Landscapes, Murals, and aspects of sculpturing.

I will submit to you my talents are natural, god given, and have never had a normal educational tutoring. Fact is when I was in Junior high, high school, and college I spent more time in art classes than other topics.

I invite you to enjoy my diversified art works and look forward to hearing your response to my presentations, and thank you for taking the time to learn about me and view my art works.

My original art is reproduced in prints, you can order them directly from my website. Also, my art is printed on various consumer products, such as T-Shirts, computer related products, casual tennis shoes, and coffee mugs, for more information visit: .*

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