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 Hank Miller - San Francisco Bay Area Photographer & Artist

Hank Miller, Nikon Pro, is a photographic artist never without his camera and imagination. From his early days as a kid with a Brownie through high school where the darkroom and his Ricohflex  kept him out of reform school to today, Hank's passion was and remains photography.  

Hank's images catapult the realm of photographic art out of the digital darkroom and paper album pages, pushing the envelope of visual effects into a state-of-the art digital mastery of Image, Color, and Light. Hank's method is to capture the area in an artistic way (as opposed to "straight" imagery) to depict the unique colors and light of a region and its cultures.  

From Mobile to Manila - USA, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Bali - Hank's travels have permitted him to access the essence of the area with his lens and imagination. Recently he was selected to be Artist in Residence at Hubbell Trading Post National Site in Ganado, Arizona. There he worked with Navajos and Anglos learning about the culture and land in the middle of the Navajo Nation. Hank was also recently selected to instruct digital photography for travelers at Ghost Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Hank is on the faculty with San Francisco State University OLLI, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and Tamalpais Community Education, Marin County, California, on the Left and, obviously, the Best Coast! 

Group and private lessons focused on:

Newcomers to digital photography

Intermediate to advanced digital photography

Architectural and interiors

Candid photography

Travel photography

For beginners, Hank works with you from the start - taking you through the camera manual as you learn the basic features.

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