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 Halina Domanski Mixed Media Art - Yuba City California Artist 

The Beginnings of ART

Born in Poland ,I attended Nursing College in 1972 to 1977. Jan. 1982  I came to live in the United State, with my husband ,who at that time was an electronic technician. On July of 1984, I passed the California RN test, received my license, and went to work as a RN in Sept. of 1984.Life became challenging at this point because of this new job , and a two month old daughter .

I faced these life challenges ,and created a strength that allowed me to take on any other difficult situation to follow .A while back ,I recall going to Standard Brand Store to sign  up for art lessons given by the local artist Rita Hayes. So I had taken some of the classes and realized that oil painting, still life, landscapes, or portraits were not for me.

That is when I became more interested in learning about acrylic paint. So in order to understand acrylics ,I started taking art courses at Yuba Community College .I attend Yuba College in the fall of 1989 and the spring ,and fall of 1990.After three semesters of art courses, at Yuba College I began teaching myself and creating my own abstracts and collages. I had 50 juried national shows and over 30 awards.

I am member of National Collage Society. The following books contain reproductions of my artwork: " Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists ",Volume 1-2010- published by Kennedy Publishing.   " Art Buzz " , the 2011 collection- published by Buzz publishing." The International Dictionary of Artists 2011 " -published by World Wide Art Books, curator - Despina  Tunberg . For awards & exhibitions please see:

Artist Statement        

 Having worked in mixed media and collage . I have always been interested in the boundaries between photography and found objects. My influences are everything I see, everyone I meet.I find beauty and interest in rusted , old and broken things .To create collage it is fun for me, because there are endless possibilities and no rules to follow only my own creativity and intuition at that moment .So - you will like or dislike my artwork ?




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