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    Japan Art Gallery, is a San Francisco Bay Area based Japanese Art Gallery whose purpose is to introduce Japanese arts and other traditional beauties to those who are interested in Asian Contemporary art.  Japanese art has been strongly influenced by postwar American pop art and other art forms. 

    Nowadays Western art and sculpture, which have attained international levels, and traditional Japanese painting and calligraphy exist side by side and exert a mutual influence on each other.

    Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest peak at 12,388 feet. It is certainly beautiful with its nearly perfect profile, wide-flowing skirts and some snow on its top. The mountain has been worshipped by Japanese people and many artists have drawn pictures of the mountain since even before the Hokusai era.

    Some of the Art Works  represent the traditional Japanese Noh plays and she draws the dresses and the masks used in the plays very beautifully in her own artistic way. Noh have a very long history. It is said that the origins of Noh go back to ancient times but it was in the 14th century that it began in flourish for the member of warrior class (Shogun is the top of the warrior member). The current dress of Noh originates from the dress of the ruling class in 14th Century and has changed gradually itself to the current Noh dresses which are used only for Noh play in the theatre. Each dress has its specific meaning in the play and is extremely gorgeous and expensive with no exception.

    Japanese people nowadays normally use western clothes in daily life but in some special occasions like wedding they wear Japanese dress (called kimono), especially young girls enjoy wearing kimonos. Young Geisha girls usually wear gorgeous Japanese dress (kimono), and older Geisha wears quiet kimono. These are their business costume. They dance Japanese traditional dance in kimono and they play traditional instruments to entertain customers at the place such as Japanese style small dinner party at your request.

Our Art Gallery, has authorized letters of representation on file, for the following artists that are exhibited within this web site:

Eiji Takahashi, Oil paintings on the wood board

Hiroyuki Nishie, Water color paintings

Takako Hirayama, Pastel colored drawn on the paper

Yoshie Muraishi. Computer Graphics

Tazuko Togawa - Portrait drawing of apprentice Geisha

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