Sausalito Artist - George Sumner - Sumner Studios

An amazing Sausalito Artist with a true sense of ecological identity. His paintings are found around the world in various places including art galleries, resorts, as well as public collections like, The Statue of Liberty Museum, The University of Moscow, The University of Hawaii, The Gorbachev Foundation, The Herbert Hoover Institute of Peace at Standford, The United Nations Building in New York, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

A special interest for Sumner, which he shares with his wife Donnalei, is in educating children about wildlife and saving our fragile environment.

George Sumner's simple philosophy ..."Share your dreams".

George Sumner is know for promoting environmental causes worldwide. He is an environmental impressionist painter whose unique style, attitude and talent have brought him international acclaim and the opportunity to share his vision with millions of people. His tireless efforts to "Save the Whales" for the last twenty-five years through his vivid imagery has influenced a generation of marine artists and environmentalists. Sumner was born (1940) and raised in San Francisco. He joined the Navy after high school and enjoyed his three-year tour of duty in Southeast Asia (1959-61). After military service he attended C.C.S.F., earning an A.A. in Ornamental Horticulture. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute from 1963-66. In 1967-1974 he worked as a gardener in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. In 1970 he won a city-wide competition to create the official logo for the Golden Gate Park's 100th anniversary.

 In 1975 he began his full-time professional art career. Sumner lives in Western Marin County with his beloved wife Donnalei and his step-daughter Megan Lei. He also has a studio in Hanalei BAy, Kauai, where he and his family reside part of each year. His son Sean is currently pursuing a Ph.D at UCLA in Marin Biology.

Donnalei Sumner

Partner in work and life: managing and promoting Sumner Studios, and teaching together with George, to children about our precious environment!

The saying "behind every good man is a good woman" clearly defines the marriage and working partnership of George and Donnalei Sumner. Donnalei Sumner has enthusiastically honed the awesome task of sales into a fine skill and a labor of love. Managing the business and keeping a public relationship with her husband's art through is a huge responsibility and the essence of selling art.

A storyteller to the public and a concerned environmentalist, Donnalei is committed to educating the public, especially children. Together with George, Donnalei has launched several projects aimed at this goal. A Golden Gate Transit bus, painted by George with life size whales and dolphins, travels the commuter route and visits bay area schools as Donnalei helps teach children about "pollution solutions". The couple also participates in school art programs, such as wall murals, a shrimp mural on a ferry landing wall and chalking the streets in an annual program for Youth and Arts, always encouraging the youth by letting them know that they hold the future! The simple belief that George and Donnalei share is you can always make a difference; this has been the fuel in their work, life and love together.


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