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Hi, my name is Genaro Andrade and I am a Landscape Photographer. I was born in Tijuana Mexico and raised in the state of Michoacan, until I was 8 years old, that's when my parents decided to immigrate to the United States.

On the way to the United States we spent a year in Tijuana. I was
ten years old by the time we arrived in Los Angeles CA. Since we had basically no money and because there were ten brothers and sisters in the family I had to start making money to help my family survive.

At age 10, Istarted working in a bakery earning $15 dollars a week and that was enough money to pay for rent. I worked at the bakery for two years, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off, nevertheless, I was happy to help. I started school in the middle of the six grade making it very difficult for me
to learn the English language. I continued on to high school and my desire for photography was born. I studied the basics of photography for three years which allowed me to develop my own black and white images.

I performed the development of my first images in a tiny room, or should I say a closet in the middle of our house. I spent many hours in the dark room. When I was developing the images it felt like time was standing still. I loved it and I had tons of fun.

My career in photography began in high school in 1973, however, I was unable to continue my passion for photography beyond high school. My family and I then moved to San Jose CA. This is were I meet my future wife Norma. We went on to get married and had two wonderful kids, which my wife and I love very much (Brandi & Adam). It wasn't till 2010 that my love
for photography was renewed. I took Digital Photography classes for two years attending both Mission College and then DeAnza College.

I also joined several community photography clubs. I was determined to learn as much as possible in a very little time, which I did.

I have photographed sports, weddings and many other types of events and even though I enjoy photographing everything and everyone, my favorite is landscapes. It is what makes me happy because it is what I enjoy doing the most and I will continue to do so until I can master it completely.

Photography is always an on going learning experience because you really never stop learning. Every new image that I photograph is different because the light is forever changing and that creates a challenge for the photographer. You have to constantly adjust to the lighting and your
surroundings. It is challenging but it is also a lot of fun.

I now live in Lincoln CA were there is plenty to photograph. It is 2016 and I am planning on traveling within the United States, Canada and maybe Alaska. There is so much to Photograph here in the United States that I can spend weeks at a time in the same place. Wherever I go I am going to do my best to bring back some beautiful images. I am determined to become
one of the best photographers around and eventually become a master photographer.

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