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The Art of Frances Galli

Two solid years in Rome and twenty five summers in an ancient Tuscan farmhouse have provided a background for much of her joyous and spirited work, which she continues in her Sausalito Open Studio. It gives rise to a variety of imagery that is deeply felt. Much effort tends toward pictoralizing the role of women in the human scene. Also, put to the imaginative use are the artifacts of the different cultures, she is exposed to. Color for her is a joy, and is transmitted in a spiritual and engaging way. all of this makes for an individual art that is sincerely personal. The use of color and shapes never cease to intrigue me.

The artists formal training began at the California College of Arts and Crafts. It was followed by three years on the staff of a graphic arts design studio in San Francisco. Twenty years later, after raising she continued studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. She also had a brief but enthusiastic semester with Tim Holland.  There have been five solo exhibitions and many group showings.

Along with my family and home, art is my life. Its a continuation of many things. Being a product of Italian immigrant parents and having had a studio in Tuscany for 25 years, my paintings are greatly influenced in color and subject matter by the Italian scene. Taking advantage of their culture, I have incorporated many aspects of the Italian life, their colorful landscapes, the imaginative pottery and ceramics, and of course the people themselves.  Always with a point of view in mind - to keep my paintings a pleasure to look at. Wasn't it Moliere who said "The aim of art is to please."

My husband, also an artist, being of Italian immigrant parents has been a great influence on my art work. However our art is very different.!

Her paintings are in private collections in Italy, France, England, Hawaii, Canada, and the United States.

I invite you to visit my studio, for more information access: Artists Sausalito Studio

Art Education

1937 - 38 California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland California

1960 - Richmond Art Center with Tom Holland, Richmond California

1960 - 63 - College of Marin , Kentfield California

1963 - 64 - San Francisco Art Institute

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