Functional Art Wood - Fabrice Landa Artist - Sebastopol San Francisco Bay Area Northern California

What drives me to make works of art?

    I strive to combine my interests in science, engineering and visual art to create works that are functional and express movement in a refined design.

    I delight in integrating concealed compartments or movable extensions as part of the functionality of the work. The shape of a bird in flight, the wings of a plane or perhaps the curve of a woman’s body continue to inspire my work.

    For each project, I fashion the soft metals by hand, using a palette of copper, brass, aluminum, nuts, bolts, springs etc and through the use of exotic woods, epoxy, rubber, dyes or stains the resulting work meets both the aesthetic form and function of my intended vision.

    As a commissioned artist, I design and craft custom fine furnishings in collaboration with private clients, collectors and professional designers.

    Early in his life Fabrice revealed his talents in drawing, sculpture and creativity in making objects or transforming usual objects into something more original, always with a basic practical sense. After leaving the lycee in Paris, he studied drawing and sculpture for one year in an Artist atelier. The following year he took the entrance exam for the Paris school “Les Beaux Arts”, one of the most important Art schools in Europe. Out of 800 students taking that exam he was accepted as one of ten best, and he won 1st place in sculpture.

    Fabrice began his professional life in Paris, working for companies restoring private apartments, business stores and offices.

    He came back to the United States in 1989.  Wood was his preferred material but he also used metal and fabric for interior design projects.

     He has had the opportunity among many other projects to restore in its entirety a large Victorian house, and create the metal sign for MARS restaurant both in San Francisco.

    In the last years he has become interested in finely handcrafted wood furniture and has started to research materials, forms, inlay work.

    His latest one of a kind fine wood pieces are a combination Of marquetry and soft metals.

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