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Sausalito Chamber Sponsored Events - Jazz and Blues by the Bay

Plan Ahead: Reserve Your Season Tables - for the Jazz & Blues by the Bay Concerts

Fridays, June 2, through August 25 2017 - 6:30 to 8 pm

Get ready for the 2017 season of Jazz & Blues by the Bay, the popular Friday evening concert series at Gabrielson Park in the downtown adjacent to Municipal Parking Lot No. 1.

There are a limited number of tables & chairs for the concerts, so there is a system of table reservations for those folks who want to be certain they have the comfort and convenience of a table and seats for each concert.

Sausalito’s summertime Jazz & Blues by the Bay concerts have become legendary local favorites and in the next few months you’ll have a chance to be a part of it all as a sponsor or with a reserved table. Breathtaking views of Angel Island, San Francisco and the Bay provide the backdrop for this Friday night celebration at Gabrielson Park in downtown Sausalito. As a sponsor you can come enjoy the view, all the great music, good food and wonderful friends every week at your very own table. With the help of our generous sponsors, these concerts continue free of charge for the residents of Sausalito.

Table locations based on a first come, first served basis.

Reserved table information - Take a photo tour of this event

Harp music of Angel "Firestar

Welcome to the Eachdraidh Web Site where you can find out all current information about this exciting and Original Group. **Listen** to up to 49 songs from 4 CD's and order product as well with AT&T's secure features.

Check the Product area for a FULL description of the "Histscape" concept with text from the Companion Book. Hope you can see why the Albums of Eachdraidh and Firestar are so popular.

Sausalito Art Galleries is featuring the Harp music of Angel "Firestar", on a few of of its web pages, to add a soothing and relaxing background, as you enjoy the art works of our member artists.

David and Angels Web Site

Wolfs Robes - The Flute Man Music for The Artisan

Wolfs Robes Music is composed and inspired by nature and the Spirit that surrounds him, from the days of long ago to present day "We hear the echo’s of time", says Wolfs Robe, within the haunting sounds of various contemporary Native American flutes and even more ancient ones such as the Ancient Anasazi flute, Wolfs Robe takes listeners on a magical journey where they are sure to find that tranquil spot within the depths of themselves. 

Wolfs Robe always begins with an explanation of the song so that it brings to life what listeners are hearing. The origin of the song is very important. Says Wolfs Robe, each song is composed in the moment and the Spirit that each song takes on is a reflection of the surroundings. "It becomes more than just solo flute music inspired by our natural world. It is part of one's personal life and the human interest of the journey or music to live by". 

Wolfs Robe performs Native American style flute music that celebrates tradition and the reverence for the earth. Performing on Native American style flutes, his repertoire is deeply respectful of the Legacy of his ancestors. Influenced by many other Native American flute performers, his performances of original compositions and traditional music weave delicate melodies into the landscape with improvisation and the sounds of nature. 

Wolfs Robe aka Flute Man


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