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San Francisco Bay Area Sausalito Abstract Acrylic Artist - Darlene Berg


    My paintings are an abstract look into nature, and the world. which is translated into shapes and forms created by their relationships to one another. I follow the flow of the work, and respond to the colors and evolving motion.

    I invite the viewer to interact with the art; relating to it in a personal way. I sometimes etch into the paint with tools that reveal glimpses of what was/is underneath. My intention is not to record nature, or to duplicate it, but to use it as inspiration; push it into abstract terms.

    My forms, beyond reality, are alive, and hopefully create pleasing resolution to compositional challenges. In the process of painting, I become totally absorbed, as the work takes on a life of its own, and I respond to it.

A painting evolves. It changes itself and me. I cannot live without painting.

I invite you to visit my studio - for more information about my location click on this link: Artists Sausalito Studio

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