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 Claudia Cohen Surreal Figure Figurative Sculpture Artist


California artist Claudia Cohen creates her unique sculptures in ceramic and bronze. By exploring figurative and narrative subjects, her work raises questions about the human condition with impactful form rather than confinement to realism.

Claudia's style has been described as comic surrealism a style that blends objective reality with mythology and flights of fancy. Claudia received her art education at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and then moved to the West Coast and opened her studio in the artist community of Sausalito, CA on the San Francisco Bay.

Her magic-surreal style, unique colored patinas and mixture of humor and pathos causes art-lovers worldwide to seek-out the mysterious-visions that her sculptures evoke. In 2008 Sculptor Claudia Cohen was featured in Turin, Italy at the MIAAO Museum as representative of The School of California Funk Ceramics.

Like Beauty, truth lies in the eye of the beholder - and in the mind of the artist. The bronze and ceramic creations of sculptor Claudia Cohen are not realistic in any strict sense yet are precise renditions of her imagination and engaging articulations of her ruminating sub consciousness. With her dazzling style which includes meticulous detail and form, her work brings to life a magical cast of characters - human, animal, and progeny from a alternative-inviting universe.

In the book Humor in art, the work was described as Comic Surrealism which aptly sums up her feel for humor and pathos. Magic Realism is another term often used to characterize her creative perspective.

There are few artists today who inhabit such a magical , unified private world and have such a gift in sharing it with others.

Claudia's Studio is located in the ICB Building 480 Gate Five Road Studio 261-C
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone (415) 332-1077. The Industrial Center Building is open to the public twice a year - The Marin Council Spring Artists Open Studios - The ICB Building Winter Artists Open Studios. For specific dates visit . Claudia invites you to visit her studio, by appointment.

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