Arizona Wood Sculpture Artist

Artist Statement

Charles Taube is an Arizona artist.
His unique style is contrary to the genre typically found in the Southwest. After 28 years as a professional carpenter and owning a successful business building entry doors and gates for custom homes, Charles's life took an interesting turn. In 1996 as one of the founding members of "Southwest Woodies" (an antique car club dedicated to the preservation of the "Woodie Automobile"), Charles created his first hardwood sculpture given as an award to their show winner.

Self-taught, my contemporary free-flowing hardwood sculptures are uniquely individual in themselves. I carefully select kiln-dried hardwood with special grain patterns and color. I cut, laminate, and shape each created form smooth with an angle-grinder and palm-sander, apply several layers of clear finish, color-sand the finish, then polish the sculpture.

 I then sign, date, apply felt to the base and my created sculpture begins to "sing" in its completion of movement, form and natural color.

Charles's sculptures are currently being represented by

Publicist - Sherry Butler Communications (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Gallery Representation:
Desert Art Collection" (Palm Desert, California)
Serendipity (Scottsdale, Arizona) and
JRB Art In The Elms (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

"With every one of my completed sculptures is, the spiritual vision of the energy thriving within me ... "

Art Gallery Biography Charles - Web Site



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