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 Denver Colorado Bronze Sculpture Artist - Bunny Hanley

Bunny Hanley lived the early years of her life on a Montana cattle and sheep ranch. Life's early experiences included a two room schoolhouse with an outdoor playground nestled in the Crazy Mountains. As a twin in a family of eight children, inspirations constantly surrounded her through the interactions of children, ranch animals and wildlife. Her work reflects a sense of movement and emotion inspired by these childhood memories and life experiences.

Art has always been a part of her life, as there are many artists within her family. Her love of horses and wildlife have moved her to the three dimensional medium of sculpture. There she can express her emotion by capturing the beauty and mystique of animals in motion and the very special connection between women and horses.

and so on...
My work reflects my experiences as a young girl growing up on our cattle ranch. My sculptures are reflective of living on a large playground and tell a story of having a personal relationship with nature and the beauty that surrounded me. My distinct memories and dreams from childhood were magical to me everyday and those mental images continue to contribute to my creativity.

Bunny’s work experiences prior to pursuing her lifelong interest in art and particularly, sculpture, included a wide range of endeavors. A devoted mother to her two sons limited her career pursuits, but she was still able to take on various challenges with considerable success.

Throughout her life, Bunny has expressed her artistic talents through photography, painting and sculpting. In 1995 she studied in Loveland, Colorado under sculptor Don Gale and world renowned sculptor EvAngelos Frudakis. It was evident from her first piece that she not only had the talent, but had found her passion. The encouragement she received from Mr. Frudakis to pursue sculpting gave her the confidence to follow her passion.

Technique ...

With each sculpture, there are many days and nights of thought that goes into each piece. After building the armature, I start with researching the configuration of muscling, then creating a certain amount of strength, emotion and a movement to express the dynamics of the piece. I love seeing the muscles start to develop and the piece start to come alive.


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