Sausalito - Artist Gale S. McKee Exhibiting at Madrigal Family Winery 01-19-2016 - 02-16-2016

San Francisco Bay Area Artist Gale S. McKee

Exhibition at Madrigal Family Winery and Tasting Salon


“The American Car: A Family Portrait”

In countless vintage photos, families, couples, and even dogs are posed in front of their cars-- as if the vehicle itself is a member of the family.These photographs show both pride and affection and our on-going love affair with the automobile, since it’s inception, as an integral part of American life. Fascinated, I decided to use them as the starting point for a series of works.

Often pictured as if it is a beloved member of the family, the car included on each of these raw linen canvases serves as both backdrop and subject…as a symbol
of status, movement, and freedom. And it continues today, as seen in the number of car commercials on TV. Especially the tagline for Subaru: “Subaru is Love” while showing a family, and the car being an important part of their lives.

Through copying and recopying, I transform each photograph before digitally printing it onto canvas. In this greatly enlarged image I can imagine and create the life of the people in the photos. Who were they? What were they doing the moment the photo was taken? What happened to them later? I abstract the images with layers of acrylic paint in an attempt to recover those faded lives: a visual perception/translation of how I imagine the past locales and the people in the photos in a romanticized way.

I feel as if I have come to know them personally, creating a connection to them through color and texture. These are large paintings that have an impact that appeals to both genders.

They are upbeat and engaging as the semi-life-sized images draw the viewer into
another time and place while imagining the “story” of the subject. It is about
the human relationship with the machine.

When I process these imaginings I realize how similar feelings of family and pride are a constant emotion in human lives, and how transient we humans really are: the only difference is time, and it flies faster than a speeding green roadster.


Gale S. McKee is a Northern California painter whose sophisticated landscape,
figurative and abstract work has received national acknowledgement She works in
acrylic on canvas, and with mixed media.

Gale's work has been exhibited extensively in both solo and group juried shows at
museums and galleries, including Triton Museum of Art, the Marin Museum of
Contemporary Art, Bedford Gallery, Icehouse Gallery, Atrium Gallery, and Gallery Route One, She has won many competitions and received numerous awards.
Gale was born in San Francisco, attended the Croydon College of Art in London, and received a BFA from the University of Denver. Her professional background includes experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, and product designer for Pottery Barn Kids.





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