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This year is the 19th annual Silicon Valley Open Studios program, and here is what you can expect!

Dates: First Three Weekends in May
We are continuing with our standardized dates: our program will run the "First Three Weekends in May" from here on out. Standardizing on these dates will help the public to remember when our program occurs, and we hope it will draw greater crowds to our studios over time.
Click here to find out what towns will be emphasized during each weekend.

Publicity & Advertising
In 2004, we gained over 24 press clippings in 3 weeks! This is an astounding amount of media coverage for our program, and we hope to increase the press for 2006. (List of clippings from 2004)

Advertising. We have budgeted to put advertising for our open studios event into the San Jose Mercury News, METRO Magazine, and other high-level news periodicals. We hope these ads draw even more attention to our program!

Street Banners. We will be producing almost 30 new banners to go across busy public streets and hang on street lights. The street banners are designed to greatly increase awareness of our program during the open studios weekends.

Open Studios for Schools. This valuable program is intended to educate students about fine art, including how artists live and work, offering a free educational opportunity for beleagured students. We have adopted the 49er Academy as our pilot program and are seeking artists to perform arts instruction at the school. Artists can login and sign up to be an instructor for the pilot program. We are pursuing grants to support this valuable program. If you would like to donate to support this program, contact

Media Training Seminar. As a result of last year's Media Training seminars, many artists who followed the training were very successful in gaining media coverage for their open studios and other events. Our public relations consultants will perform one of these seminars for the 2005 program. Artists who participate are expected to maintain a media contact on behalf of Open Studios during the program year.

Gala Opening: Early April at the San Jose Museum of Art
Champagne, fine art, live and silent auctions. Our Gala Opening reception at the San Jose Museum of Art in 2004 was a wild success! We hope you can join us in 2006!

PEEK Exhibit.
Last year we conducted 5 PEEK Exhibits. This year we are looking for a warehouse space so we can hold one huge PEEK for all artists during the month of April. Stay tuned!

Online Registration and Artist Directory
Our online registration process has empowered artists to ensure the accuracy of their information in the Online Artist Directory and Map Guide. All information entered by artists on the secure portion of our website is stored in an online database; and we generate the content for the Map Guide and Online Artist Directory directly from this online database--vastly reducing volunteer interaction with data. For 2006, we added a thumbnail image for each artist that will appear on results pages whenever people search our website to find artists, as well as on a home page for the Online Directory that shows all artists' work. We also added the flexibility for artists to designate up to three price ranges for their work. And plans for the 2006 launch include printable Maps from our website for touring studios.

For more information click on the following URL:

If you have information about other Artist Open Studios that you will like us to add to this list email us from below


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Updated: 10/12/06