Photographer - Stock Photo's - Landscapes, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, House Boats

    I am a travel and stock photographer, with 35 years in the film and video industry as a producer, location scout, photographer and videographer. In this capacity I have had the good fortune to travel extensively by land, sea, and air.

    I have worked and/or lived in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Greece, Tahiti, South Africa and Turkey giving me the opportunity to learn different cultures and customs. 

    Photo chemicals have been in my blood since I was 12 years old when I had a dark room in my bedroom.  Further darkrooms have been in various bathrooms and the forward head of our sailboat while we were in Europe.

Over the year I have photographed houses for real estate brochures, yachts for chartering brochures and article illustrations.

Presently I spend the summer traveling with my husband, Stuart, in our motor home and I shoot all the beautiful places that I visit.  I place my travel photographs with stock agencies, which place them in travel books, magazines and internet sites.

Represented by:

Grant Heilman - Photography - Photonetwork Lititz, PA.
Lonely Planet Images Melbourne, Australia
First Light Associated Photographers Toronto, Canada
Stock Photo - Blackstar New York, NY
ImageState - Pictor, Inc New York, NY and London, UK
Alamy  - London, UK

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