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Creativity, Hypnotherapy and Creative Blocks

Hypnosis is a potent tool that opens the gate to your creative core where passion and inspiration always flow abundantly

Hypnotherapy can help you quickly, efficiently and permanently

Artists, writers, musicians, designers, composers and photographers have vivid, active imaginations and rely on them to creative things other people donít even think of.  Unfortunately, once in a while create inspiration just disappears and the images and ideas donít flow. 

As a hypnotherapist and coach I have worked with many creative people and know the cause of creative blocks vary widely and often stem from a lack of support, harsh critiques, poor sales, a bad economy or a myriad of other reasons.

When the above situations occur artists often find themselves in the grip of self-doubt and fear of rejection, failure and financial ruin.  Some artists get paralyzed by their fear and self-doubt while other seasoned artists have learned how to stretch themselves and try something new.

The following story was told by a client who had a creative block and was unable to write the lyrics for his libretto.  It demonstrates how simple and easy writing became.

 ďI was working on the libretto of my musical and having great difficulty writing the lyrics.  I had composed the melodies but couldn't settle on the lyrics; in fact I felt that perhaps I just didn't have the talent.  Felicity suggested hypnosis and my immediate reaction was to laugh and to point out that I would be a terrible subject for hypnosis, too resistant, and anyway what would be the purpose?             

So she had me lie down to "relax".  I don't remember the specific language that she used, but the tone was soft and gentle and easy to listen to and I relaxed.  I'm not sure how we got there but Felicity took me to a deep place in myself where I could be intentional and do what I really wanted to do.  It was quiet, it was simple, and I walked away thinking that nothing much had happened.  However, the next morning I had no problem writing the lyrics.  It didnít feel like I was suddenly able to write great lyrics.  It just wasn't a problem anymore.Ē 

If you are experiencing a creative block perhaps it is time to try something new ÖYou can call me to receive a free 30 minute phone consultation so we can talk about how hypnosis can help you and I will also send you a free 5 minute relaxation recording.    I see clients in my office or via skype and have flexible hours. 

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