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Michael Adcock and Christine Love Adcock have created a unique collaboration in the world of fine crafts. Christine has been a basket weaver for twenty-six years, and Michael a studio potter for twenty-five. After working in their separate media in the same studio for five years, they began to see the rich potential in combining clay and fiber.

Working together, they have created a series of vessels that integrate low-fired stoneware, fiber, metals and other media into harmonious union.

The earthy, primitive tonalities and textures of the natural fibers and the sagger and smoke-fired stoneware combine to create a vessel that reveals the various media as being not only mutually compatible, but as actually enhancing each others inherent beauty.

    Michael began his studies in Art and Ceramics at the University of California at Santa Cruz. There he studied under the distinguished potter and teacher, Al Johnsen, and later became his apprentice. Michael graduated in 1972 with a combined degree in Ceramics and Art History. He became a successful studio potter, and produced a line of hand- decorated porcelain and stoneware functional pottery.

    A love of primitive, indigenous art was born in Christine during childhood. She lived for three years in Puerto Rico and for five years in Mexico, and delighted in the expressive possibilities of simple, earthy materials. As an Art major at the University of California, Christine began to experiment using elements of nature in her sculpture. Seeing nature as the ultimate art form, she began to experiment with ways of taking the perfection she saw in each detail of nature and creating a context where people could appreciate its intrinsic beauty. This evolved into an exploration of basketry as an art form. She spent several years as a nomadic shepherdess, during which time she experimented extensively with all sorts of fibers and forms, contemporary and traditional. Christine became involved with American Indian weavers, and apprenticed herself to several Papago weavers. She then took part in a program to revive the refined weaving techniques of the Chumash Indians. She went on to create a basketry business, and her work was shown throughout the United States, Canada and Japan.

    In 1982 Michael and Christine’s first child was born. It was at this point that they decided that they really did their best work together. After searching for a clay surface that would combine well with textural fibers, they discovered the natural, almost rock-like surfaces possible with the process of sagger and smoke firing. Having between them the advantage of over 50 years experience in the two media, Michael and Christine were able to create an integrated line of vessels, with the unique qualities of each medium enhancing the other. Like the clay, rock and grasses which inspired them, the vessels evolved into a harmonious whole, reflecting the palette and the complex beauty of nature, their greatest teacher.

    Michael and Christine have been collaborating for over 20 years, and have never ceased to be inspired by the possibilities of their craft. Their work is published and displayed in galleries, museums and interior design showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. They also participate at the Sausalito Art Festival.


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